Expect Great Changes Coming Your Way Soon!


I am taking a little time to make my blog better, so I wont be updating this week.

Expect these changes:

+ A better looking layout
+ Easier Navigation
+ Simplified Sharing System and BlogLovin'
+ More Consistent Posts that flow together and do not jump from topic to topic as much.

I might be able to link my blog to a domain this week or so, I am not sure though. I have a domain to use I just need to figure out how it works :).

I am currently out of the country. However; when I return I will be able to take photographs and show you guys some of my clothes/style as you asked. I did not bring my camera with me because I have a bulky professional camera which I do not want to ruin in my baggage!

oh and btw, I will still be checking blogger, so if we follow each other I will make sure to leave a comment!

Lots of love,

Gaby <3

Quick Poll: Please Fill this out!

Hey everyone! in order to keep improving the quality of my blog, I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Feel free to comment on this topic after filling the poll.

Thank you so much!

  • I wish this blogger would have a better layout
  • I wish this blogger would post less runway and editorial photographs
  • I would like to see more photography taken by the blogger
  • I wish the blogger would include more text in the posts
  • I wish the blogger would discuss fashion design as her major more often