My blog still needs some work. It is taking a long time because we are making one in wordpress (yay)...I am not going to be able to see my boyfriend for a few months, so I am going to contemplate what I will do.

I might just use this blog until my new blog is ready, I am not sure!

Everyone should follow my twitter, it is new! I just got it and I will be posting updates about my blogging :)

here is my twitter!



The Girlie Blog said...

Hmmm...i hear so much about wordpress...what does it do?

Gaby said...

it builds wonderful and functional websites and blogs. :)


Anonymous said...

Different life, different city, same me -

After a long summer hiatus I am back and blogging. Expect more wacky face painting, luminously iced cakes and general slightlynoodles-ness!

Please drop by for a spot of tea,
Yours truly,
Slightlynoodles Esq.

xiao said...

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